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We can help improve the look, comfort & value of your Memphis home with new windows.

Replacement Window Memphis

If your old windows are drafty and out of style, it’s time for new ones! ContractingPRO installs quality replacement windows for those specific problems.

Our process of replacing doors and windows is quick and easy, but most importantly, long-lasting. We have a variety of options and custom solutions to meet your needs.

The replacement window professionals at ContractingPRO can guide you through the whole process of choosing replacements, from start to finish. We want to be sure you get the finished product you imagined. Our hassle-free installation process begins with a no-obligation, Free Estimate. ContractingPro is much more than just a roofing company. If you live in Memphis, Cordova, Tupelo, or any surrounding area we can service you today!

ContractingPRO: #1 Windows Installation and Replacement Company in Memphis

Replacement Window Memphis
There are a few signs that might indicate that you need to repair, replace or install new windows in your home. These reasons include the following: drafty windows, continually-rising energy bills, difficulty when opening or closing windows, broken parts of the window and/or foggy window glass.

To improve the look, comfort and value of your home, you will need to address the aforementioned issues, and it is often the best solution to simply upgrade your windows. ContractingPro is your go-to contractor for window replacement as well as addressing any window related issues

We are the leading window installation and replacement experts in Memphis, TN. ContractingPro is comprised of a highly qualified team of technicians and a responsive customer support team who is ready to address your problems and concerns. Usually, if you perform regular maintenance and cleaning services, especially on the moving parts of the window, you can considerably prolong the longevity of your windows. However, if your windows have begun to show the signs of wear and need replacing, we are available 24/7 to address any issues you might have with your windows, as well as doors, siding and roofing.

About ContractingPro

Replacement Window Memphis
Ours is a customer-focused, general contracting company that specializes in home exterior restoration services such as window installations, window replacements, along with siding and roof repair and installation. Unlike our competitors, we truly seek to improve the experience our clients have with contractors. Our installation process employs a couple of ground-breaking tactics for project communication and facilitation, thus enabling us to reduce our clients’ stress and deliver beyond their expectations.

We start the process by providing free estimates and inspections of your home. Then we proceed to break down the needs for the project and possible solutions. Communication is maintained throughout the process for the best possible experience.

ContractingPro is fully licensed and insured to provide services to both commercial and residential properties in the Memphis area, as well as its surroundings.

Why Choose Us?

Replacement Window Memphis
Are you experiencing any drafts from your windows, or do you just need to upgrade them to a more modern style? Either way we are here to help. Our team of professionals will inspect and install top-of-the line replacement windows to address the identified problems. This initial contracting process is often overlooked by other contractors. leading to a stressful experience on the client’s side straight from the start.

Our approach eases this process, by emphasizing efficiency in areas such as communication, reliability, accountability and expertise. This allows for a quick and easy installation/replacement process, all without compromising on the quality and durability of the products.

Our continued growth in the industry can be attributed to our different approach, easing the client-contractor relationship, and our exceptional levels of consumer satisfaction. We will hold your hand through the whole process, from choosing the right replacement windows for your home, up to ensuring you are delighted with the final product.

Here are a few reasons why we are a cut above the rest when it comes to window installation in Memphis:

1. Highly qualified team: Customer satisfaction is our main priority, so we ensure that all our technicians are fully trained, licensed and certified to carry out the highest quality contracting work. Our team has many collective years of experience, and each team member is fully equipped to replace/install any type of window in Memphis and beyond. Additionally, our contractors will utilize modern tools to ensure minimum disruption to the environment for you and your neighbors throughout the process.

2. Professional services: ContractingPro provides a variety of exterior restoration services to multifamily & commercial properties. These range from window glass replacement, window mechanism repair, as well as many other customized issues. We appreciate that different clients have varying needs and preferences, therefore we always treat each project differently to achieve desired expectations.

We can install, repair and replace the following types of windows:
✓ Vinyl windows
✓ Double-hung windows
✓ Casement windows
✓ Sliding windows
✓ Bay & bow windows
✓ Awning windows
✓ Picture windows
✓ Custom replacement windows and many more…

3. High quality products: ContractingPro teams up with only the most reputable companies to source our materials, ensuring you get both the highest quality and the best value for your money. With our wide variety of partnering manufacturers, we are able to objectively advise our customers on the ideal product for the given project. ContractingPro also offers an extensive catalog of windows and window parts guaranteed to match any type of window in your home.

4. Reliable communication: We believe that effective communication is key to ensuring any project’s success. For this reason, the project manager assigned to your project will give you a step by step account of the window installation or repair process from start to finish. Additionally, we have a 24/7 online customer portal that can help you keep track of the specifics of your project.

5. Free Estimates: Another element that sets us apart is that we offer complimentary estimates on window installation and any other home restoration needs. We also offer free onsite inspections of your home to check for storm damage and the like.

ContractingPro also offers other exterior restoration services such as roof repair, door repairs/replacement and so much more. Our roofers have many years of experience and will utilize state of the art technology to meet our customers’ needs. We are among the top roofing companies in Memphis and we also offer consultations to home and business owners on insurance claim knowledge to help them restore their homes and businesses.

What to Look For In a Professional Service Provider?

Replacement Window Memphis
Whether you are looking for a roofer or a window repair expert for your home, it’s important to take your time when picking a reliable contractor. Some basic factors to consider during this stage include the amount of experience of said company or professional, their warranty program, and supporting documents like licenses, insurance, and certification documents.

A portfolio can be a great way to gauge the expertise of the expert in question, as well as the age of the company they are representing. You can also check online as to the general reputation of the company they are representing.

As a final measure, it is also important to trust your instincts regarding any contractor, even after performing all the basic checks mentioned above. You may even want to obtain the physical address of the company and pay them a visit for even better judgment. Lastly, be sure to inspect the completed work, and raise concerns on any shoddily done bits.

At ContractingPro, we are a licensed general contracting company with a certified & licensed team of professionals. We excel in providing top quality products and services to our customers in a hassle-free and expedited manner.

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As our customers around Memphis, Cordova, Bartlett, Germantown, and Jackson will attest, customer satisfaction is indeed our specialty. So, call us today for a no-obligation, free estimate on window installation or replacement!

We install many types of replacement windows

  • Vinyl windows

  • Double-hung windows

  • Casement windows

  • Sliding windows

  • Bay & bow windows

  • Awning windows

  • Picture windows

  • Custom replacement windows