Siding Installation in Memphis

Improve your Memphis home appearance and value with durable, low-maintenance siding from ContractingPRO

Siding Services MemphisDoes your home need new siding and exterior trim? These highly visible exterior details have a huge impact on any home’s curb appeal. If your home exterior is looking tired and worn, there’s good news. Installing new fiber cement siding and compatible trim will give your home a new look that radiates craftsmanship and high quality. More good news: Fiber cement siding can duplicate the appearance of traditional wood siding styles, but it won’t be damaged by fire, insects or mold. Nor will it require frequent painting like wood siding usually does. Dimensional stability is another important difference; fiber cement doesn’t warp, split or curl with age and exposure to the elements.

You’ll love FIBER CEMENT SIDING because…

  • You can choose from a variety of siding types to suit your home style or personal taste.
  • It’s available with a smooth finish or with a convincing woodgrain surface texture.
  • Fiber cement won’t burn, rot, cup, crack or attract mold like wood siding can.
  • No painting is necessary. Choose from a wide range of super-durable, factory-applied finishes.
  • It’s extremely durable and resistant to impact damage.
  • Fiber cement is impenetrable to termites and carpenter ants.
  • Fiber cement corner boards, soffits, and other exterior trim components are available as part of a complete exterior makeover package.
  • Industry-leading James Hardie fiber cement siding comes with a 50-year warranty.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie® siding products are on more than 5.5 million homes across America. Their fiber cement siding and trim are engineered to withstand the specific climates in which they are used. When you choose James Hardie siding, you can feel confident knowing that you chose a product designed for beauty and durability.


HardiePlank Lap Siding

HardiePlank Lap Siding is traditional, timeless, sleek and strong; making it not only the best-selling product from JamesHardie, but the most popular brand of siding in America. All styles of HardiePlank siding are Engineered for Climate and come primed, or with baked-on ColorPlus Technology.

The following styles are available in a variety of color options.

Select Cedarmill

Natural cedar look with a wood-like texture, ideal for historic homes, mountain chalets or ranch homes.


This smooth look is simple and ideal for coastal homes or ranches.

Beaded Cedarmill

Inspired by coastal communities near the Eastern seaboard, ideal for homes with a unique appearance.

Beaded Smooth

A beaded edge adds a sleek look to the smooth, simple board, perfect for a more traditional look.