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Roof Replacement Windyke Country Club

Aug 15, 2016

Project Description

Client: Windyke Country Club
Location: Memphis, TN
Service: Roof Replacement

The Challenge

Windyke Country Club called ContractingPRO after being referred to us. The existing tennis pro shop roof had already had two roofs installed prior. The second roof was installed over the original roof which was installed over plywood secured to a 1” recovery board secured to a metal deck. The decking when walked on was very soft and spongy. This type of application was very unusual. After removing the roofing material and exposing the plywood, we immediately knew that all the plywood decking was going to have to be removed and replaced along with the recovery board.  We ultimately had to tear off all roofing material down to the metal deck.

The Solution

In order to guarantee a smooth surface to install shingles to and in order to fasten the shingles properly we had to come up with a way to provide enough space between the new plywood and the metal deck. In order to accomplish this, we mechanically attached a 1” Poly Iso board with appropriated length fasteners and plates. Upon securing the Poly Iso we mechanically attached the plywood through the Poly Iso and into the metal deck. To mitigate any chances of leaking to this roof due to its lower pitch, we installed Ice & Water shield to the entire roofing surface before installing the metal edging, starter course and the Owens Corning Oakridge field shingles.


Memphis Roofers Roof Replacement in Lakeland Tennessee
Roof Replacement Review

Lakeland Storm Damage
Before roof replacement

Lakeland Tennessee Storm Damage
Missing Shingles

Storm Damage Lakeland TN
Discoloration of shingles

Storm Damage Lakeland
Discoloration of shingles


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