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Roof Replacement Lakeland, Tennessee

Aug 15, 2016

Project Description

Client: Carl and Nancy K
Location: Lakeland, TN
Service: Roof Replacement

The Challenge

Carl and Nancy K. set up a free roof assessment with ContractingPRO because they had roof damage and roof leaks. Upon inspection, Ray Buerkle noted storm damage to the roof. There was over 25 damaged shingles and interior damage to the living room. The insurance adjustor actually denied the claim and said the roof could be repaired. Due to Ray’s experience and expertise, he knew the roof was too old and too brittle and to be repaired and had obvious storm damage.

The Solution

Ray scheduled a maintenance appointment with the ContractingPRO production manager. He went on site during the actual roof repair to document the progress and prove that the roof was not repairable. He then shared his findings with the adjustor to prove the roof was not repairable and get the full roof replacement approved. ContractingPRO installed Owens Corning architectual shingles with drip edge, roof vents, and ice/water shield. The insurance claim process can be a burden and confusing for our customers. Ray Buerkle committed to improving the experience Carl and Nancy K. had with their contractor by staying by their side throughout the whole process.


Memphis Roofers Roof Replacement in Lakeland Tennessee
Roof Replacement Review

Lakeland Storm Damage
Before roof replacement

Lakeland Tennessee Storm Damage
Missing Shingles

Storm Damage Lakeland TN
Discoloration of shingles

Storm Damage Lakeland
Discoloration of shingles

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