Roof Replacement Bartlett Tennessee

Project Description

Client: David D.
Location: Bartlett, TN
Service: Roof Replacement

The Challenge

David D. originally called contractingPRO in need of roof repairs. At this Bartlett home, the back of the elevation was built up with a retaining wall which was almost level with the eve of the roof. As a result, this allowed easy access to animal wildlife. Raccoons actually chewed through 3 corners of the roof. The client tried installing some sheet metal barriers in order to prevent further damage, but it did not work. As a result, David D. contacted ContractingPRO to inspect the raccoon damage.

The Solution

Dan Vazzano, Roof System Specialist, went on site to inspect the damage to the roof. Upon his inspection, he discovered not only the raccoon damage but wind damaged shingles on the roof. As a result, Dan was able to work with the insurance adjuster to get a full roof replacement which not only covered the wind damaged shingles, but also the raccoon damage for only the cost of the deductible. This roof replacement included Owen’s Corning limited lifetime oak ridge shingles, along with drip edge and ice/water shield per Shelby County code. Ice & water is important because it is a safe guard in the most vulnerable areas of your roof ( valleys and penetrations), drip edge is important because it protects the edges of roof sheathing from water penetration due to driving rains and it supports the outermost edges of the shingles, enabling them to drip water while providing structural support so the shingles last longer without splitting or cracking. Drip edge also is a deterrent of critters trying to get in along the edges of your roof.  Dan takes great pride in making sure his customers are well informed and taken care of throughout the process. What started off as a repair job turned into a full roof replacement.

Please contact the office and ask for Dan if you would like for him to assist you in your roofing needs.