Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation in Memphis

How Energy Efficient is your Roof in Memphis and the Mid-South?  

Proper ventilation in your roof is extremely important and whether you have an attic or standalone style roof. It is important to have a well ventilated area under your shingles, and in this article we will explore the many different conditions that need to be met to be considered “Good Ventilation”. By exploring these benefits we can...

Proper ventilation in your roof is extremely important and whether you have an attic or standalone style roof.

It is important to have a well ventilated area under your shingles, and in this article we will explore the many different conditions that need to be met to be considered “Good Ventilation”. By exploring these benefits we can see just how important a focus on ventilation is for any roofing system.

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Ventilation affects the lifespan of your roof! In Memphis, we have very wild weather. One minute it is 30 degrees, the next it is raining! This week has been a perfect example. In addition, Tennessee Winters are relatively mild, which means most homes do not take cold weather into consideration. However that few days of 10 Degrees every year, year after year with a sudden return to heat can cause havoc on a homes attic ventilation system. A Ventilation system that is not adequate then reduces the life of your roof, the R-value of your insulation of your home and the result is energy inefficiency and repairs that cost THOUSANDS!

And it’s all easily avoidable and affordable to fix!

What exactly happens when you have an limited or unbalanced ventilation system?

Good questions, proper ventilating protects the structural integrity of your roof deck, and thus your home! Limited Ventilation can make your home more difficult to keep cool in the summer. Shingles are typically dark, and as the sun beats down on them, that heat radiates into your attic, and then into your home. Increasing your air conditioning costs! Limited ventilation can also make it more difficult to heat your home in the winter, as the resulting moisture from condensation or leaks results in humid damaged insulation, which decreases the R value of the insulation, and thus puts more load on your furnace as well to keep your home warm.Showers, sunlights, and kitchen areas not allowed to properly dissipate heat also cause a reduction in your homes heating, cooling, and insulating effectiveness. Humidity can be a huge factor with these areas.

How Common is this?

Most of the homes we inspect, and visit for estimates, have ventilation to minimal code. This means it is “Good enough” to not cause your house to rot like a hut in a 3rd world country, but it certainly doesn’t have that “Built to Last” mindset behind our PRO WAY promise of contracting excellence! For less than $1000 a home owner can have us come in, adequately ventilate the home, and see their roof last up to twice as long as a poorly vented home.

Considering a roof costs $5000+ I would say that is a good investment! This is not even considering the heating and A/C savings as well as the preventing of costly leaks and water damage. Long Story made short, proper roofing ventilation makes your home run more efficiently, and allows each piece of your homes mechanical system to do its job better. A chain is after all, only as strong as its weakest link!

Bonus! Do Whirlybirds actually Work?


Yes, and No, but barely better than a typical 6050T or other typical button or square roof vent. The difference is once the Whirlybirds stop “Whirling” they work even worse than a typical vent, and open your home up to all kinds of leak potential in the process. It’s kind of like Installing a big ugly “Fast and Furious” spoiler on a Toyota Camry. It doesn’t turn the car into a race car, it would probably be worse in the long run, and drilling holes in your trunk with your dads power drill is probably going to cause rust down the road. They were a gimmick in the 90’s and they still are.

I suggest asking one of our Roofing Experts about Turbo Vents, or Ridge Vents during your roof replacement consultation! 


For these reasons and more, it’s important to do regular inspections and to perform repairs and maintenance to ensure that your roof has proper ventilation. Ideally, your attic should be closer to the temperature outside than inside, if not the same as outside. If it is hotter than your home in the winter, that is a problem!

Always remember to be safe and know your limits when performing your own inspections on rooftops or attic spaces. If you are ever unsure call the professionals at ContractingPRO we would be happy to assist you!

ContractingPRO-Memphis Roofer-Owens Corning Duratin Shingle

Put an End to Shingles Blowing Off the Roof

How SureNail Shingles can Help

It’s not every day that a shingle blows off your roof, but when it does, you probably hope that it would fall on your front door step right? Of course it would be best if the shingles, you know, stayed on the roof where they belong but if blown off shingles were a fact of life it would be nice to know when it happens right?

Well that is not always the case, in most cases they land somewhere else on the roof or get caught in gutters, neighbours trees, or only get half ripped and stay attached but causing some kind of odd water flow issue on your house roof.

So if those shingles do not land directly on your doorstep for you to be alerted to the now exposed hole in your roof, it could lead to a huge problem down the road. When you notice a piece of roofing material on the ground it is important to Call a roofing contractor right away. There is no “Extra” roof material on your home. Every inch of your roof covering is installed with a purpose and cut to measure. If your roof was installed the PRO way with a total protection system including underlayment, you are certainly in a better position because there is an added layer of waterproofing in the form of membranes and ice and water shield.

However this is a commonly overlooked factor in roof construction, especially on new builds and should never be expected unless you are sure of the components installed.

Can’t this just be prevented!?

Absolutely! This has been a common problem with the engineering of shingles, and the installation for decades and finally someone has come up with a solution to the problem of blown off shingles!

Typically the polymers, asphalt, and granules used in the construction of shingles have been pursuing great waterproofing and shingle life but the problem is that as you make a shingle more rubbery and malleable, it doesn’t get any stronger. If the wind gets under a shingle it’s still just as easy to pull the shingle of, slowly tear a bigger and bigger hole around the nail and eventually come off. That is the biggest misconception about blown off shingles, it doesn’t start the day of a big storm! It starts with the installation, if the tabs are not totally sealed down to the layer below, you will be at risk of a blow off. Then over time, the shingle gets more and more worn down and eventually a bigger storm rips it right off.

Then someone at Owens Corning got a GREAT idea, what if they engineered something that is not focused around improving waterproofing but instead of increasing the strength of the shingle? Introducing SureNail! By embedding a reinforced mesh in the nailing zone, any nail driven through is now locking that shingle in place! If wind finds its way under the shingle edge, it might flab but thanks to the mesh a nail cannot rip through the shingle.

That’s it?

Not in the least! There were some awesome benefits to following this train of thought. The second most common reason for blown off shingles is when installers improperly fasten the shingle to the roof by nailing either too high, or too low. Adding the SureNail strip forced a larger common bond area, which makes the nailing zone easier to hit, and with a giant white mesh strip installed it became even easier to see during the busy roof installation environment.

In addition to that, the sealant the underside of the shingle installed next, seeps into the mesh and provides an incredible adhesive area that locks shingles in place. Combining all these awesome benefits gets you an incredible high wind warranty and weather proofing that cannot be matched in the industry!

What about the installation?

That is the best part! Not only does it perform better, but with only 4 nails required to get this high wind warranty it is a GREAT option for home owners looking for great value! Because the shingle is dream for our installers! It is built specifically to work with Owens Corning Total Protection system, including the installation lines on their underlayments, guides on Starter Shingles, and the options for ridge cap shingles and appearances. This means that when it is installed together by a Platinum Preferred installation you get a manufacturer guarantee on our workmanship AND the best warranty in the business!

Be sure to book a Consultation right away if you have any concerns about your roof and missing shingles! Click Here to get in touch a ContractingPRO today!

Drip Edge Memphis Roofing

How Drip Edge could add FIVE YEARS to the life of your Roof!

Is your Roof missing this critical Component?

Is your roof missing this critical component? When it’s the perfect time to mount a new roof system on your home, the roofing companies ought to clarify at length all the work they’ll be carrying out, as well as what the different components that are going on the roof so that you can comprehend the overall purchase and procedures involved to make it a successful job.

ContractingPRO Roofing Drip Edge Infographic

Learn about Roof Site Preparation Here!

Throughout the roof shopping process you will likely hear some key phrases, jargon, or component names that you might not be acquainted with. One of them is likely to be the “Drip Edge” and it occasionally can go by other names but every roof installer will know what you mean if you ask about it. In the event that you are not familiar with Drip Edge, it’s purpose, or why you should have drip edge installed on your home, you have come to the Right Place! The team at ContractingPRO are here for you, to get an explanation on every component or process involved in roof replacement or repair. If you prefer learning with a real person present, and getting a personalized explanation customized to your house and it’s needs please Schedule A Roofing Consultation Now!

What is Drip Edge?

Quite simply the Drip Edge is a thin band of flashing, a non-staining, non-rusting galvanized steel which is put around the eaves of your home any time a roofing specialist is replacing the roof on your house. It is a durable material that is employed in a similar fashion as the flashing around fireplaces and skylights.

What is the Purpose of Drip Edge?

The main objective is to avoid moisture from getting behind the eaves or “gutters” that direct rain water away from your home. We do not get a lot of ice dams in Memphis but it DOES happen from time to time and can also be an added layer of protection against that as well. What can happen is as water is shed from your roof, it can actually creep back off the end layer of shingle and find it’s way behind your gutters. If you are lucky, all it does is drip onto the ground. Not idea for the foundation of your home, and it can also be a nuisance when it drips on your sidewalks or your head.

Worse, however, is when the water doesn’t simply drip onto the ground but finds it’s way into your fascia and soffit, and even info the walls. Since the water will always try to flow down with gravity, in many cases we have seen water that was intended to go into a gutter, end up rotting walls, fascia boards, trusses, and even ruin siding and stucco. All because of a lack of a simple and affordable roof upgrade!

How do ContractingPRO roof teams install it?

Skilled roofing companies mount the drip before installing starter shingle or deck base underlayment, during a roof replacement. It is fastened to the roof with galvanized nails or staples every few feet and cut to wrap around the roof and fit tightly to the end of the roof deck and be long enough to direct water into the gutters. After the drip is installed, it is overlapped with a deck base material so that water cannot get under the drip edge, and then a row of starter shingles is installed before finally fastening your new shingles and covering the remainder of your roof deck.

How does it add life to my Roof?

Great Question! Drip Edge when left uninstalled can frequently result in water damage issues that can result in expensive roof repairs or replacement purely for the purpose of remedying the issue. In many cases a roof would likely have lasted 5 more years, the shingles had just began to curl down at the lower edge and allow the water to drip into the fascia and begin damaging the roof. Unfortunately installing drip edge on an old roof will usually do more harm than good, so it is not something that you can do once it is “Too Late” and for this reason:


If you plan on owning your home for 15-25 years and then selling, this simple addition could save you from having to replace a roof once again before you sell your home. If you would like to see how much it would cost to have Drip Edge added to your next roof replacement schedule a roof inspection with one of our Roofing Experts Now!

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