Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation in Memphis

How Energy Efficient is your Roof in Memphis and the Mid-South?  

Proper ventilation in your roof is extremely important and whether you have an attic or standalone style roof. It is important to have a well ventilated area under your shingles, and in this article we will explore the many different conditions that need to be met to be considered “Good Ventilation”. By exploring these benefits we can…

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ContractingPRO-Memphis Roofer-Owens Corning Duratin Shingle

Put an End to Shingles Blowing Off the Roof

How SureNail Shingles can Help

It’s not every day that a shingle blows off your roof, but when it does, you probably hope that it would fall on your front door step right? Of course it would be best if the shingles, you know, stayed on the roof where they belong but if blown off shingles were a fact of life it would be nice to know when it happens right?

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Drip Edge Memphis Roofing

How Drip Edge could add FIVE YEARS to the life of your Roof!

Is your Roof missing this critical Component?

Is your roof missing this critical component? When it’s the perfect time to mount a new roof system on your home, the roofing companies ought to clarify at length all the work they’ll be carrying out, as well as what the different components that are going on the roof so that you can comprehend the overall purchase and procedures involved to make it a successful job.

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